RajenRajen – Peter Campbell
Rajen founded Bells Associates in 1986 with the intention – still valid today – to nurture and grow businesses that really made a difference. In sharing his experience of business origination and development, Rajen loves to meet and talk with anyone ‘crazy enough to think they can change the world’. Sometimes they even become clients (gulp). With a background of 13 years of successfully growing an electronics business from garage start-up to £4m turnover (1984) – and a leader in its field – he had accumulated a wealth of experience and know-how to share. A meditator for 30 years, Rajen sees his work as an integral part of his personal spiritual quest and growth. He has a particular interest in the dilemmas of business start-up, infrastructure, systems, financial modelling and marketing – and these have become the cornerstone of the Bells offering to its clients.

GuptadanaGuptadana – David Whittington
Guptadana’s first business venture, selling ice cream, ended prematurely when he crashed the rented Walls van. In the 35 years since then, he has been a director of a score of companies, including a multinational quoted on the London Stock Exchange, several SMEs and three start-ups. His expertise, spanning service sectors such as property, retail, entertainment, transport & logistics and hospitality & catering, includes interim and general management, business structure analysis and creation, marketing strategy, accounting systems and change management. He has also been involved in take-overs, reverse take-overs, liquidations, business disposals, acquisitions & assimilation, and phoenix operations.

Yashen – Keith JonesYashen – Keith Jones
Yashen has worked within Bells for twenty years. A creative and original thinker who loves to solve problems, he brings a new flavour to his chosen profession of accountancy and business management. Variously based in New Zealand, Corfu and Germany, Yashen currently sits in-house with Bells client Triodent. Heading up the finance team at this world-beating dental healthcare company, Yashen has been a key part of a tenfold international business expansion that now sees Triodent export 98.5% of what they make. Previously he worked in FMCG, publishing and property, and gained a first class honours degree in pure mathematics from Nottingham University. His areas of expertise include tax planning, excel modelling, business situation analysis & solutions, Corfu beach holidays, New Zealand hillwalking and chocolate.

International Contractor Associates

Anne PlaxtonAnne Plaxton (London) is our music industry contracts and licensing specialist and also supports our digital business and online marketing programmes.

Jenny TandyJenny Tandy (Devon, UK) works closely with Naveen handling non-Euro based accounts and a variety of accounts functions both in-house and for clients.

JyotiJyoti Ferguson (London) is a long-standing member of the Bells team. She provides specialist management accounts services to several clients and brings outstanding business and financial acumen to our operations.

Devon crewLaura Campbell (Devon, UK) is our warehouse and fulfillment manager, supported by Mandie, Leighe and Rachel.

NaveenNaveen Li (Freiburg, Germany) manages our accounts functions, network infrastructure and a wide variety of internet facilities, payments portal, and webshop and fulfilment services.

Paul TemplePaul Temple (Boulder, US) manages the Bells USA account and Prabhu Music USA – the Bells division specifically for Deva Premal and Miten. Paul provides artist tour management, financial management and administrative services – his work is supplemented by local hire as needed.

PrabuddhaPrabuddha – Ben Hewitt (London) provides coaching and consultancy services both internally at Bells and for our clients. His work often relates to cultural & commercial balance, relational dynamics, positioning and PR optimisation. A business development specialist for 14 years, Prabuddha’s experience ranges from micro-businesses to major multinational organisations.

Additionally we have a range of on-call contractors – designers, internet specialists, marketing and PR specialists, specialist technical touring services, merchandising management – usually hired on a project-by-project basis.